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Pilot Operated Safety Valve that is obtainable in both modifying and instant action. Beneficial for air, gas, mixed segment and liquid service area, these valves are planned for consistent procedure, long seat life and easy low charge field package.

Owing to accomplishment and quality oriented approach, we have fixed the top position in the industry by offering Pilot Operated Safety Valve. This valve is used for emergency relief during overpressure stages. It is also known as POSV. This valve permits higher system operating pressure for maximum process output hence increasing the throughput of your process meaning greater product give up.

Our highly qualified engineers design and manufacture this valve that maintains full lift against high levels of back pressure. The pilot, which contains a small spring meet that is set at a definite set pressure. These valves are pressure seated so that the higher pressure has better seating force and these valves are known for their tight seating performance. The pilot controls the dome pressure, when the set pressure is reached. The main valve opens in part to the system pressure rise. The main valve will maintain a lift necessary to discharge the system flow.

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